Osseous Surgery

Your Dentist Can Help You Fight the Effects of Gum Disease

If you have had or you currently have a periodontal disease you understand that it is a serious dental problem that can create lasting changes in your oral structure. Your gums especially show the signs of advanced gum disease with distended gum pockets between your teeth and gum line. At times the gaps are cosmetic and just affect how your gums look. More often the gaps leave your teeth at risk for future gum disease. Those pockets become another place for the bacteria and plaque to collect. The treatment to keep this from happening is called Osseous surgery, or pocket reduction surgery.

What Is Pocket Reduction Surgery?

Pocket reduction surgery was created to thwart the results of periodontal disease so your mouth can be restored to a healthy condition. This type of periodontal surgery is used to get access to the root of a tooth so damaged areas can be cleaned. Once your dentist can see the damage, the damage can be eradicated completely. The decayed gum tissue and plaque leaves a pouch between the tooth and gum. It is possible for the gum to return to its normal position, but the pocket will still be present. Unfortunately you cannot get to pockets like those with regular flossing and brushing. Therefore the pocket or pockets will require regular cleanings. When the inflammation from a periodontal treatment goes down, it may be essential for your dentist to suture the area of your gum to the area where your bone has resorbed. The overall aim is to create a space that is no longer a dangerous place for the growth of bacteria and plaque.

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