Do You Need TMJ Treatment?

The temporomandibular is connected to your lower jaw, otherwise known as the mandible, which attaches to your skull at the temporal bone. The TMJ controls a lot of your jaw functions such as chewing. If your muscles or the TMJ are the cause of pain, you could have a temporamandibular disorder, or TMD. This can be caused by different factors in your life such as stress and anxiety, the continuous clenching motion of your jaw muscles, and even teeth grinding. You don’t have to live with such discomfort. You can schedule an appointment with us to have your mouth examined so we can determine the right kind of TMJ treatment for you.

Let Us Diagnose Your TMJ Symptoms

Only a trained, licensed, and educated dentist should diagnose your TMJ symptoms. They have the proper tools and knowledge needed to be able to diagnose your symptoms with the capability of telling you if it may be due to TMD. If you grind your teeth, it could be a TMD problem since teeth grinding can cause further issues. This is especially true if it is prolonged. The enamel wears off of your teeth and exposes dentin. Dentin is softer than enamel and way more susceptible to decay. Sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food may also be a development of teeth grinding that’s excessive. Call us for a consultation if you feel you might have TMD. We will diagnose the problem and are able to provide you with much needed relief. We have the pain relievers, and night guards for your teeth that can sooth the symptoms. A permanent solution in severe cases of TMD can include surgery. However, behavioral treatments can also be provided to change the manner in which you use jaw muscles. This type of relief is usually enough.

Symptoms of TMD Include the Following:

  • Teeth Grinding
  • Trouble Chewing
  • Ear Pain or Headaches
  • Jaw Becoming Stuck Shut or Open
  • Pain When Closing or Opening Your Mouth
  • Popping or Clicking Sounds When Opening Your Mouth

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